Longboard Margarita Bar presents Mike Love and Sam Johnson on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24TH at Longboard Margarita Bar in Pacifica, CA!


$20 Advance

$25 Door

$250 VIP Package (Package includes 4 Tickets + 1 Table + 1 Bottle Service)


Mike Love

Sam Johnson

Doors – 8:00pm

Show – 9:00pm

Ages 21+



In this modern age of music, genres blend together as naturally as the river flows into the sea.  With the expansive library of all the music of the world from every time period at our fingertips, creative artists seem to be more and more liberated from the archaic mentality of being pigeonholed into one genre or demographic.  Mike Love is at the forefront of this movement.  With a foundation rooted in the spirituality and message-based music of Reggae and Rastafari, he blends the sounds of progressive and classic rock, pop, R & B, soul, blues, flamenco, jazz and so much more.  Healing is at the core of his music.  With ever-evolving live performances, Love keeps his organically grown fanbase returning again and again to witness the evolution of tried and true fan favorites, and the ever-expanding repertoire of new music that is constantly surfacing.  Fans often leave live performances remarking about how they have just been to church, or had a bad day turned around.

Born and raised on the island of O’ahu, Hawai’i, Love was brought up in an environment surrounded by musical influence and the inspiring natural landscape of his island home.  Forging a deep connection with nature, his message of returning to a more natural and spiritually grounded way of living was solidified at an early age.  Growing up under the musical guidance of his father and grandfather, both composers, as well as his steel pan instructor Frank Leto and piano teacher Beth Uale, Mike’s natural musical instincts towards melody and harmony were shaped and deepened.  Mike started playing the guitar at age 15 and played in multiple bands throughout his teenage years, playing his first live gig with a band at age 16.

It wasn’t until he joined forces with local musicians Tavana, Brad Watanabe (currently of The Green) and longtime collaborator and current drummer Sam “Ites” Gonsalves to form the band Melodious Solutions, that his musical vision started to take shape.  Furthering his talents as a composer/lyricist and arranger, Love subsequently fronted the 10-piece band Dubkonscious for a few years, entering into his first studio experience as a producer as well on the band’s album “At the Foot of the Mountain”.

In 2008, he started a solo weekly residence, performing at a local Irish Pub on Mondays.  During his long four-hour sets there, he developed a unique one-man-band style, using looping, multiple instruments, and an array of different vocal techniques and musical styles.  As his creativity and delivery in a solo format blossomed, so did his audiences.  Slowly and organically, this became his main project and his solo career was born.  In December of 2012, Love released his first solo album, the critically acclaimed fan favorite “The Change I’m Seeking”.  With instant classics like “Permanent Holiday”, “Barbershop”, and “Human Race”, his fanbase rapidly grew, worldwide, with the success of a handful of viral videos on YouTube.  Love also delved into more passionate subjects on the album, with tracks like “Earthlings” exhibiting his desire to “Veganize” the world and wake people up to the injustices of animal cruelty, and “No More War”, a call to “bring the troops back home” from these “wars that no one really wants”.  It was clear that finally Love had found his voice and was ready to share his music with the world.

He began touring that year with best friend and musical soul-mate Paula Fuga, playing shows to enthusiastic crowds in the western U.S. supporting bands like Groundation and Nahko and Medicine for the People.  As the buzz spread, so did the reach of Mike and his band.  The next year brought them all over the U.S. playing club shows and festivals alike.  Love supported Trevor Hall and Xavier Rudd on major tours throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada, winning over many fans in the grassroots style he had become accustomed to.  You’ll often catch Mike saying “I just keep playing the music, and this thing just keeps growing.  It has a life of its own and I’m just grateful for it.”  International touring soon followed, with warm and enthusiastic receptions across Europe, Central America, Australia, Polynesia and more. Throughout it all, Love has remained humble, citing the healing power of the music that comes from a larger place as the sole reason this all has been possible.

With the release of his second album “Love Will Find a Way” and follow-up companion album “Love Overflowing” featuring sing-along tunes like “I Love You” and “No Regrets”, he solidified the bond with his fans and exhibited the evolution that lovers of his music had come to expect.  Returning to the studio with road-tested material and a more intimate connection with a worldwide audience had obviously resulted in a more refined and focused sound and ideology.

Currently, he has formed a super-band, hand-picked from all of the top musicians he’s worked with over the years, dubbed aptly, Mike Love and the Full Circle.  They have honed their skills and come together as a tight unit at home on O’ahu and have now begun to tour, taking Love’s music to even greater heights.  As they prepare to return to the studio in 2018, we can anticipate that the new album they are concocting will be the most dynamic, heartfelt and spirited offering yet.  In the years to come, we can only expect more growth, more innovation, and of course, more Love.


WEB – www.mikelovemusic.com

FB – www.facebook.com/MikeLove808

IG – www.instagram.com/mikelovemusic

Twitter – twitter.com/MikeLoveHawaii

YouTube – www.youtube.com/channel/UC_tFwd3GIOzcOEL4iPcmpKA

Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/mike-love-hawaii

Spotify – open.spotify.com/artist/2sgVQmhRbgSEe47A1bJRrC

Pandora – www.pandora.com/artist/mike-love-reggae/ARl7nPc7vdZdr5g

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iHeartRadio – www.iheart.com/artist/mike-love-31908


Sam Johnson

According to Reverbnation.com (January 2017), Sam Johnson is the #1 ranked Singer-Songwriter in all of San Francisco. Sam recently joined ANDY GRAMMER for the West Coast portion of his “Honey I’m Good Tour” performing live in front of thousands each night as Andy’s only opening act.

His latest single “Future Me” made its world debut on The Bay Area’s LIVE 105.3FM, Sunday, March 12, 2017. The music video followed shortly after, hitting 100,000 views on Facebook in only 2 days.

Sam’s original music is often heard in TV shows on FOX, BRAVO, MTV, SPIKE and more. In 2015 He was commissioned by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) to write several songs which are still being used by the mixed martial arts promotion company to this day. His rendition of “In The Midnight Hour” was chosen two years in a row for the MACY’S Black Friday sales campaign.
Interscope Records recording artists “FLIP SYDE” did a rendition of Sam’s song “Tower Of Hollywood” and it became the title track of their most recent album “Tower Of Hollywood.”

Sam maintains a busy performance schedule at over 200 shows per year, playing dozens of college events, corporate events (Oakley Sunglasses, Oracle, Red Bull, Casamigos Tequila, and more), as well as festivals, tour dates, and residencies with The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, The Palace Hotel, The Grand Hyatt San Francisco, and Cavallo Point.

He inked his first distribution deal, with Ineffable Music Group (Same distribution and management company as popular Reggae band Stick Figure), which catapulted him into sharing stages with Andy Grammer, Shwayze, Collie Buddz, Anuhea, The Holdup and many more.

Sam’s journey hasn’t always been so glamorous though. He “paid dues” for years as a street performer in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, performing 5 days a week year round. It was through this rigorous performance schedule that Sam gained a loyal enough fan base to launch a Kickstarter campaign that funded the entire production of his 2014 release “The City,” produced by Alex Elena and Topher Mohr (Lily Allen, Citizen Cope, Mayer Hawthorne).

Sam’s is known for his soulful voice and lyrical wit. It is not uncommon to hear laughter come from a crowd at his performances.

He is often compared to artists like John Mayer and Dave Matthews.


Web – www.samjohnsonlive.com

FB – www.facebook.com/samjohnsonlive

IG – www.instagram.com/samjohnsonlive

Twitter – twitter.com/samjohnsonlive

YouTube – www.youtube.com/user/samjohnsonclassics

Spotify – open.spotify.com/artist/3Ayb51Ogk3DM95szS3koTj

Pandora – www.pandora.com/station/play/4179030877470249920

Google Play Music – play.google.com/store/music/artist/Sam_Johnson?id=Aktqq3jlrkp6o5nis6jrzhkucry

Deezer – www.deezer.com/us/artist/1097372

Apple Music – itunes.apple.com/us/artist/sam-johnson/66627416